What if we told you there is a photodynamic cosmetic cream that can turn back the clock on your patients’ appearance? Or that when your patients leave your practice, others will be shocked to learn their ages? What if this procedure is non-invasive and could be done with minimal to no down time?   

This procedure exists: Allumera® by Bellus Medical. Since adding Allumera to the Bellus product line in 2017, the treatment has become a great addition for practices looking for new, non-invasive ways to combat visible signs of aging.    

Allumera is the first photodynamic cosmetic cream specifically formulated to improve the overall appearance of skin, including fine lines, elasticity, skin tone, skin texture, discoloration, and pore size.1 The treatment is an exciting and effective option for patients that want their skin to look refreshed and youthful without the downtime of more aggressive procedures. The light-based treatment also improves your ROI, making it a value-add for any practice.    

Why Allumera?  

In a five-month clinical study, subjects reported that Allumera:   Allumera Bellus Medical Aesthetics

  • Revitalizes skin to feel more hydrated and moisturized 
  • Helps skin to look and feel healthier 
  • Improves skin smoothness, making it feel softer  
  • Enhances overall skin texture   

How does Allumera work?  

  1. Apply Allumera to skin and allow 60 minutes for absorption.  
  2. Activate. Allumera has been found to be effective when used with 635 nm red LED light sources, such as the LightStim LED. However, the light-based therapy chosen is ultimately up to you. In as little as 60 minutes, the treatment is complete and in total each procedure should last less than 90 minutes.   
  3. Illuminate the skin of your patients. Though there may be some initial redness and swelling associated with the treatment, patients will soon experience glowing skin.  

After three procedures spaced four weeks apart:  

  • 93% of patients agreed their skin felt softer  
  • 91% of patients agreed their skin felt more hydrated, moisturized, and smooth  
  • 89% of patients agreed their skin texture had improved  
  • 86% of patients agreed their skin looked and felt healthier  

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[1] Revitall study of safety and efficacy of Allumera and skin illumination in 101 subjects (data on file). Results based on a survey conducted by patients after three procedures spaced four weeks apart.