ProGen PRP Versa by Crown Aesthetics grows with your practice as demand for validated yields and larger quantities of PRP rises.1

This one system does it all. Our scientifically validated system provides the flexibility your practice demands:

Advantage PRP Features: Versa PRP Features:
  • 2x Concentration
  • Simple and convenient
  • 15mL and 30mL processing tubes
  • Removes 99% of Red Blood Cells
  • Reproducible results
  • 7-15mL PRP Volume

• Validated protocols

• Validated 2x and 5x concentration

• Ease of use

ProGen PRP Versa provides the best value in the marketplace with the greatest yields of platelets. It’s scientifically validated with 510(k) clearance, giving you confidence in the quality of the platelets. Putting flexibility first, ProGen lets you prepare as little as 7 mL or as much as 40 mL depending on the yield level.

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[1] ProGen™ intended use: The ProGen PC Kit is indicated for the rapid preparation of autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from a small sample of blood at the patient’s point of care. The PRP is mixed with autograft/or allograft bone prior to the application to a bony defect for improving handling characteristics of the graft.