When it comes to post-microneedling skincare, licensed esthetician and NCEA certified Haley Durchschlag always turns to Skinfuse, the skincare regimen formulated specifically to optimize the results of microneedling. She says her clients express greater satisfaction after a microneedling procedure when they’ve paired it with the Skinfuse products.

“Skinfuse works to help reseal the barrier of the skin and prevents trans-epidermal water loss that happens post-microneedling,” said Haley. “People are less dry, flakey, their skin is less irritated, while they’re still getting those essential key nutrients that they need to help the skin and the collegian and elastic remodeling process.”

There are a lot of ingredients that you want to avoid post procedure. Skinfuse omits those ingredients proven to hinder the healing process, while providing the essential skin cell nutritional requirements to optimize this process of restoring healthy cell function.

“An example would be silicones and dimethicones. You would not want to use those on the skin after a needling procedure because it tricks the epidermis into thinking it’s already repaired, so your body doesn’t want to continue that process. With Skinfuse, they use ethyl macadamiate oil and borage seed oil to help seal off that barrier, but it doesn’t target the skin to stop rebuilding the epidermis.”

These components help hydrate the skin and keep it healthy, while providing essential ingredients for that next collagen remodeling process. To learn more about the Skinfuse product line and how they can fit into your practice to further patient satisfaction, turn to Crown Aesthetics.

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